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Marking Core drill holes.

template of core drill hole for concrete
When marking the layout for core drilling you have to be precise. The reason being is simple. If you layout a 100 lineal feet worth of holes that are 5' on center and are off by and 1/4" by the time you go drill your 4th hole the center's will be off by an inch. This is not something that is acceptable to most Contractors who rely on your skills to hit center every time you drill. A good way to mark centers for every core drill hole is to make a cardboard outline of the size bit you are using as a template and then transfer the layout to the concrete by using a magic marker or grease pen. If the original measurements are correct the outline of the hole on the concrete surface will be much easier to see when you core drill it.
The Tools shown above for exact layout and marking of concrete core drilling holes are homemade. On the left is cardboard cutout of a 10" core drill hole while the the right picture is of a tool we made years ago that greatly speeds up the layout of 4" and 3 1/2" core drilling holes.

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