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Basic's of How to core drill

top viewpoint of our special core drill slurry catcher
BlueFlag invented this core drill slurry catching tool because of our many core drilling projects that we have done over the years that requires the water used to cool the core drill bit to be contained. On a multi story building this unique tool {powered by a shop vac vacuum for suction} can catch 100% of core drilling slurry so that your slurry does not run over the edge of the concrete. Shown above are the top and bottom views of the tool. It is basically a toilet ring with a hole drilled in the outside wall for inserting a small metal pipe that uses a flexible piece of hose pipe to attach to a shop vac hose. On the bottom view you can see that we have slightly cut notches onto the inner ring, and sanded the whole inner ring down a bit. This is done to allow the suction power of the shop vac to vacuum the slurry up as it is expelled from the core drill bit. If you duct tape the small piece garden hose to the shop vac hose and leave the tool side loose your catcher will turn to accommodate the varying situations your will encounter when core drilling. The sample tool shown works for 4" and smaller core drill bits.
A great tool for catching all the core drilling slurry produced while core drilling a concrete, brick or stone floor.

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We core drill thousands of hole's in concrete every year. Some of our methods are not in the rules book. Use this website knowng that you alone are responsible for your own safety when core drilling.
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How to lay out holes for core drilling.
How to sharpen a core drill bit.
How to use a submersible pump for water supply when core drilling.
How to catch core drilling slurry.
How to use a pump sprayer for core drilling holes in concrete.
bottom view of our core drilling slurry catcher