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water supply method for core drilling
Don't overheat your core drill bit. Frictional heat produced at the diamond tip must be disposed of immediately. Otherwise the diamond become rapidly damaged by oxidation and graphitization. Excessive heat generated while core drilling will also damage the metal matrix holding the diamonds in place. A good way to do this is when water is too far away to run a garden hose you can use a submersible water pump in a 5 gallon bucket to get water to where you need it. Just hook the water pump and core drill up with a short water hose so you can get coolant
Down through the center of your core drill bit. This is a great way to get fresh water to your core drill bit and keep it from overheating when a water connection is too far away from your work area and not practical.
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Using a 5 gallon bucket of water as a resource for coolant while core drilling.
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We literally core drill thousands of hole's in concrete every year. Some of our methods are not in the rules book. Use this website knowng that you alone are responsible for your own safety when core drilling.
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How to lay out holes for core drilling.
How to sharpen a core drill bit.
How to use a submersible pump for water supply when core drilling.
How to catch core drilling slurry.
How to use a pump sprayer for core drilling holes in concrete.