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Basic's of How to core drill

make your core drill bit cut concrete and brick like a new core drill bit
Though a Core drill bit is suppose to be self sharpening.If you are a core drill operator then you have been here. You push, and push as hard as you can but the core drill bit just does not seem to be cutting.
Here is what we sometimes do with older core drill bits (in a pinch) to get them sharpened and cutting like new.
A) Take a good roofing hammer and use the claw side of the hammer to gently tap the top edges of the core drill bit.
B) Another way is to use good silcate sand and throw it in your concrete hole every once in while to deglaze the diamonds in the bit.
C) Turn the water supply all the way off and run the core drill bit dry for just a bit, then slowly add water. Repeat until the core drill bit starts cutting the concrete.
core drill bit sharpening method
How to sharpen your core drill bit with a hammer.
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We literally core drill thousands of hole's in concrete every year. Some of our methods are not in the rules book. Use this website knowng that you alone are responsible for your own safety when core drilling.
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Don't beat the heck out of your core drill bit just a little tappping with the claw hammer will make your core drill bit cut faster through concrete.
try not to break off the teeth using this way of sharpening your core drill bit.
How to lay out holes for core drilling.
How to sharpen a core drill bit.
How to use a submersible pump for water supply when core drilling.
How to catch core drilling slurry.
How to use a pump sprayer for core drilling holes in concrete.