Charlotte Core Drill

Basic's of How to core drill

lay out holes for core drilling by marking center of hole
When laying out holes for concrete core drilling everything relies on center measurements. A core drill bit is round so it follows logic.
Some things you might not know:
A) When possible use a lead #2 pencil to temporarily mark your core drill hole center's.
B) Be accurate. Once your core drill bit touches concrete the damage can not be reversed.
C) Then (when your sure about where the holes need to be located) use a permanent black magic marker to outline the diameter of the hole. Do this so your marks are not washed away by the core drilling process. Wet Concrete is harder to leave a lasting mark on.
conrete core drilling bit concrete core drilling machine
How to lay out hole's for concrete core drilling.
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We literally core drill thousands of hole's in concrete every year. Some of our methods are not in the rules book. Use this website knowing that you alone are responsible for your own safety when core drilling.
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Center of Hole
How to lay out holes for core drilling.
How to sharpen a core drill bit.
How to use a submersible pump for water supply when core drilling.
How to catch core drilling slurry.
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