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{Learn core drilling do's and do not's in our What is Concrete core drilling section?}

Concrete Core drilling Vs. Normal drilling can be explained as:
Normal Drilling: removing all the material as you normally do when drilling a hole with a solid typical everyday drill bit.
Concrete core drilling: A core drill bit's cylinder shape drills"(cuts) only the outline of the hole, leaving what is known as a plug.
Concrete core drilling is an abrasive method of using diamonds set into a round metal tubing (core drill Bit) to cut (or drill) concrete, metal and masonry products.

In the further use of the words
"Concrete Core Drilling"
refers to cutting reinforced
or lightweight concrete material by drilling with
a cylinder drilling bit instead of a solid drilling bit .
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What is Concrete Core drilling or Concrete core drill cutting?

Basic's of How to core drill

Concrete core drilling.

We literally core drill thousands of hole's in concrete every year. Some of our methods are not in the rules book. Use this website knowng that you alone are responsible for your own safety when core drilling.
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How to lay out holes for core drilling.
How to sharpen a core drill bit.
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